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A Brand Refresh For Homeless Youth

We Are For Homeless Youth. A simple yet purposeful statement is at the heart of the brand. Enabling a clear and powerful message across a complex family of solutions, events and initiatives. With a logo refined into a badge of honour, it was now clear who the Foundation was for

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Kate and the Property Industry Foundation came to us with an apparent problem to solve. A need to develop a more easily accessible brand that makes it (a) clear what it does, (b) invites an emotional connection and (c) has a stronger affinity with individuals

With a 25+ year heritage and industry-renowned events like the PIF Charity Regatta, the brand strongly reflects the property and construction industry. However, the cause of youth homelessness was not. Along with changes to the Foundation's strategic priorities, the cause needed to be brought to the forefront.


Ultimately, the Property Industry Foundation provides support and social work knowledge for homeless youth and charities. The Foundation's strength lies in bringing together the expertise of the Property and Construction industry to offer tangible solutions at almost half the cost.

With key audiences ranging from large corporates and small boutique businesses to individual donors, the brand needed flex. To be modern and professional to appeal to the industry and be warm to invite emotional connection for stronger affinity with the individuals involved.

The brand certainly had firm foundations following our Curiosity research phase, group workshop, and key stakeholder interviews. With equity and recognition in the; Orange, the house shape and the name, it was clear these critical assets needed to remain whilst the rest of the brand needed modernising. It was, however, unclear exactly what the Foundation does and who it does it for.

The logo was refined into a more decisive 'Badge of Honour' for anyone involved, making it easier to execute on a design level. This simple but powerfully flexible statement, 'We Are For Homeless Youth,' became the new purpose statement. From a bold overarching declaration for the Foundation for programs and events. To being proudly adopted by corporate partners or owned by individuals personally.

Two Enamel Pin Badges for the Property Industry Foundation. 1 the Logo & 2 I'm For Homeless Youth
Property Industry Foundation - Brand Guidelines About Us copy over the top of Homeless Youth image

The Haven Project

A vital requirement was to bring the Foundation's flagship program to the forefront. The Haven Project. With a unique funding model that taps into our property and construction industry partners' expertise. Every $1 invested is matched by $1 of in-kind donations, effectively doubling any contribution.

Illustrator Liza Rusalskaya was commissioned to create an initial library of illustrations based on the key benefits the program provides to homeless youth. From Safety & Security to Opportunity & Education through to Network & Support. Adding warmth - inviting emotional connection - and allowing anonymity to potentially sensitive and personal issues while enabling the Foundation to visualise success stories and conceptual ideas.

Bringing it all together

Combining all of these elements creates a flexible brand toolkit that’s suitable for the Foundations complex communication needs.

Together we've clearly articulated (a) What the Foundation does and who it does it for. (b) Invited an emotional connection through a refreshed modern design, a warm and bold colour palette, and refreshed use of photography and illustration. (c) Has a stronger affinity with individuals by making it a badge of honour to be associated with the Foundation.

We Are For Homeless Youth.

The brand evolution has truly strengthened and simplified our story in response to our brief. Our core purpose now runs throughout everything and clarifies what we do. Overall, the brand is universally loved; it’s flexible, warm but colourful, certainly modern with a twist."

Kate Mills – CEO