Desiree Wise

An Effortless Visual Identity With A Light Touch

A beautifully elegant and seamless digital experience for Desiree Wise, a highly talented make-up artist with a unique approach to her craft that's a delicate balance of polished, effortless and the unexpected.

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Desiree Wise

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Desiree Wise, an established and well-known make-up artist in the Australian fashion and advertising scene, came to us to assist with elevating her professional brand and online experience.

With a beautiful portfolio of work collaborating with some of the best in the business for high-end clients and publications, we jumped at the chance to assist.


It's not typical that we are gifted with such a high-quality array of exquisite photographs and motion. Our biggest challenge was not overpowering the content and letting the visual portfolio do the talking.

Our first task was to establish a unique but light-touch approach for a brand mark, with the inspiration coming from the own words that Desiree uses to describe her craft.

"Polished and radiant, with a touch of the unexpected… I prefer hair & make-up that feels effortless, embracing imperfection…." We crafted a beautifully simple but elegant wordmark with an artistic and fluid unexpected touch.

The second requirement was to design a minimal online gallery that lets the portfolio shine with a simple interface that showcases the best of the best hero images as a hero scroll, with the ability to view projects in isolation if desired. A simple interactive element lets the viewer switch between day and night. The result is a beautifully elegant and seamless experience built in collaboration with the talented team at Ten Two.