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Olive Tree Bookkeeping

Project Objective

Olive Tree Bookkeeping has been in business for 10+ years with a steady and loyal customer base. Angela, the principal bookkeeper and founder, was looking to the future to grow the operation. However, the communications felt generic, and the visual identity was a little tired and dated. It was time for a brand refresh.

Following our Curiosity research phase, a few key insights emerged that would help define the brand's visual identity and overall tone. Bookkeeping is about process, order and accuracy with business financials. Ultimately the foundation of any successful bookkeeping service.

Introductory posters in frames on a corporate wall
Close up of black suit pocket with two colourful branded pin badges
Property Industry Foundation - Mission: To have a tangible impact on youth homelessness
Property Industry Foundation - Purpose Statement For Homeless Youth

Collective Solution

But what makes OTB unique is how Angela champions for consistency with regular check-ins for an efficient and effective process. And whilst it is all about the numbers, there's a strong belief that your people count too. We called it 'being' human.

Four fundamental business principles were established: Empowering You and Your Business, Acute Attention to Detail, We Champion for Consistency and The Human Side of Numbers. Each is a part of the holistic service that assists you to organise, interpret and understand your financial story.

We Are Olive Tree Bookkeeping.
Empowering You And Your Business.

Property Industry Foundation Flexible Purpose Statement Intro & Usage Guide
Property Industry Foundation - Introductory Statement on Bright Orange Background with Logo

A beautifully simple but structured, repeat baseline grid created the visual identity foundations with a subtle link to the regular and often process.

Property Industry Foundation Dark Logo on Vibrant Orange Background
Property Industry Foundation Orange Logo on Warm Grey Background

With bookkeeping being all about your numbers, a visual gift presented itself through the numerical dotted zero. It was our opportunity to bring to life 'the human side of numbers' whilst making it the distinctive feature of the brand logotype at the same time.

Property Industry Foundation - the Haven Project Illustrations of a group of homeless kids supporting each other by illustrator Liza Rusalskaya
Property Industry Foundation - the Haven Project Illustrations of a male in a lounge setting by illustrator Liza Rusalskaya
Property Industry Foundation - the Haven Project Illustrations of a female in a bedroom setting by illustrator Liza Rusalskaya

Working with Dean and Collective Objective exceeded our expectations. Their professional process instilled trust and confidence that we were in the right hands.

And the brand discovery workshop was invaluable in helping us truly understand who we are and what we do. Resulting in a unique outcome that not only sets us apart but is something we are proud of.

Angela Galla ~ Founder & Principle Bookkeeper

Desktop scene with Powerpoint slide on laptop screen and branded mug
Friendly Portrait of Angela Galla on a lavender colour backdrop
Large crowd in-front of a huge branded powerpoint slide and person presenting

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