A Journey from Field to Glass & Plate

Our Objective

To create a brand identity and brand experience that supports the Gweilo's bold vision for a venue: To create the best craft beer experience in hong kong. An immersive journey into the world of craft beer. Originally an old flour store, Grain is now home to the Gweilo Brewlab. A versatile, multi-use venue where brewing ingredients and fermentation flow through every little detail.

With wild ambitions to push what you can expect from a typical Hong Kong venue. Innovative flavour concoctions and brewing techniques for freshly fermented wonders. And unexpected food pairings with Grains taking centre stage throughout the menu. GRAIN is a world where foodies and craft enthusiasts can all feel at home.

Grain Logo over a field of wheat as hero image

Our Solution

To celebrate the journey of Grain. Just as the venue itself and the innovative processes take something historical or traditional and give it a modern refreshed twist. Our brand solution built upon this idea by utilising vintage-inspired engravings and illustrations to build a visual journey of grains. From field to glass and plate, with some added quirkiness along the way.

With a completely refreshed, refined and sophisticated interior fit-out, full of natural tones, subtle textural details and sleek finishes. Our brand required vivid bursts of energy and flavour. Whilst at the same time being warm and welcoming. To truly represent the overall experience that you can expect from Grain.

Having been through Collective Objective's creative process before, we knew they could deliver on our challenging brief; a short timeline, a multi-use space and the need to house two brands under one roof.

The up-front time investment to immerse the team in the strategic process and thinking paid dividends during ideation evaluation, concept development and outcome. With flexibility and diverse thinking, Collective Objective delivered a creative, versatile, and engaging solution that elevated the customer experience.

Joseph Gould ~ Founder, Gweilo Beer